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North Fork Feather

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3,141.96 km2

The North Fork Feather River arises from the snow-clad flanks of Mount Lassen, in Lassen National Park, and flows unimpeded to Lake Almanor, a Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)-operated hdyro-power reservoir with major recreational use. This subwatershed is home to old-growth conifer forest as well as actively managed/logged public and private forestlands and towns along with hundreds of miles of dirt roads and historic railroad logging grades. From Lake Almanor downstream, the North Fork waters are diverted out of, and then back into, the river to supply the numerous PG&E powerhouses that form the ‘Stairway of Power’ in the North Fork Feather River Canyon, until entering the State Water Project Oroville Reservoir. The subwatershed is actively monitored by the US Forest Service (USFS), PG&E and other agencies.