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Sacramento River Basin Report Card & Technical Report

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Shilling, Fraser; Aalto, Emil; Hemmert, Jennifer; Hollander, Allan; Keightley, Keir; Knecht, Mary Lee; Komoroske, Lisa; Monohan, Carrie; Murray, Carol; Pickard, Darcy; Porter, Marc; Waetjen, David; Wieckowski, Katherine


p.205 (2010)


Environmental indicators, Feather River Basin, Sacramento River, Watershed Assessment Framework


Diverse interests and communities have varied needs and uses of the Sacramento River Basin and its services. But how do we know if we are keeping this critical place in good shape? How do we measure conditions in the watershed and our own performance toward maintaining and restoring watershed health? This Report Card comprises a key learning component of good watershed management, tying our goals for community and ecosystem well-being with actual conditions that can be measured over time.
The Sacramento River Basin Report Card provides a description of conditions relative to our expectations and goals for the Basin. It is a science-based solution to a social and management need. The Report Card measures aspects of the whole integrated system relative to stakeholder goals. It reports on the system using regionally-important and science-based indicators. Because the indicators are assessed using transparent reference points, they provide a measurement of health that can be assessed in future report cards.

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