Biodiversity Indicators & the 2010 Biodiversity Target (UNEP-CBD)

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This technical compendium of the products delivered by the 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership provides details on the methodology and underlying data for each of the indicators used in the third edition of Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-3). By linking sets of indicators within a logical framework, the Partnership has enabled us to develop a clearer understanding of relationships between policy actions, anthropogenic threats, the status of biodiversity and the benefits and services that we derive from it. Such analyses have enabled a compelling conclusion in GBO-3: despite increased efforts of the global community to reduce the loss of the world’s biodiversity and despite selected success stories here and there, the negative trends have continued because pressures on biodiversity have remained or even increased in intensity and because we have not been able to sufficiently influence the underlying drivers of biodiversity loss. This compendium provides governments at all levels, scientists and other stakeholders as well as indigenous and local communities the most up-to-date information on how status and trends in biodiversity is being monitored and how monitoring information can be communicated.