Welcome to the Global Sustainability Indicator Catalog

This catalog was developed from an extensive review of indicator frameworks and systems from around the world. Indicators were retrieved from these frameworks and sorted based on their relationship to categories within the California Water Plan and related categories (e.g., transportation and land-use). There are >1,860 indicators in this Catalog, many of which are related to other indicators. In other words, no attempt was made to conflate seemingly-related indicators, resulting in some duplication. You can search for indicators you are interested in, or review the list of frameworks that were reviewed. You can also use web-links associated with each framework to see how different organizations use indicators in their own work.

To start, click on one of the "Indicator Categories" menu items to the right (e.g., "Water Quality"), which will take you to an alphabetically-sorted listed of all indicators in that category. Alternatively, click on the "Frameworks and Assessments" menu item, which will take you to a list of the 40 frameworks from around the world that were reviewed to create this catalog. Finally, you can click on the "Indicators" menu item to the right, which will show you a list of indicators sorted under the Frameworks and Assessments from which they were derived.